Mikhail Nasyrov

photo Email: mikhail@mnasyrov.com
LinkedIn: https://linkedin.com/in/mnasyrov
GitHub: https://github.com/mnasyrov


I’m a software engineer and team lead who likes to code and make new products. Have experienced with js, java and .net stacks in previous 10+ years. Dealing both backend and frontend. Always trying to be open-minded and to help people do amazing things.

I’m looking for a team of enthusiasts and professionals to build great products together.



Dialog LLC

Senior Web Developer
March 2019 – Present • Novosibirsk, Russia

Dialog provides a simple and technological solution for enterprise communications (https://dlg.im).

Here I’m working on development of following products: Dialog Cloud and Dialog Platform.

Tools: Javascript, Flow, React, Electron, Node.js, Java, HTML, CSS, Webpack.


Founder, IT consultant
January 2016 – Present • Novosibirsk, Russia

Launched Monento project (https://monento.com). It is a service for secure tracking personal finances, and it is available as mobile and desktop apps. The service is based on its own platform for syncing multiple clients using end-to-end encryption in real time. To launch the product the following were done:

The product is published in app stores: AppStore, Google Play, Snapcraft. The app hit #1 in Top Free of Finance category in Apple’s Mac AppStore.

Tools: Typescript, Javascript, Angular, Cordova, Ionic, Electron, Node.js, Java, Kotlin, PostgreSQL, HTML, CSS, Webpack, Docker.

Xored Software Inc.

Senior Software Engineer, Technical Leader
October 2011 – December 2015 (4 years 3 months) • Novosibirsk, Russia

Software development. Business analysing, project planning. Architecture design of applications and systems. Researching and prototyping. Organising a team work, mentoring, code reviewing. Communication with project stakeholders.

I started as Software Engineer on Java technical stack which was a new for me. During my work in the company I was promoted to Senior Software Engineer and Technical Leader positions. As a leader I worked with a team of 7 engineers and QA specialists, communicated with teams of American customers including product owners and projects managers.


Novoprof B.V.

Software Engineer
January 2008 – August 2011 (3 years 8 months) • Novosibirsk, Russia

Web and desktop app development. Analysis of tasks and product requirements, estimating and prototyping solutions. Participation in designing of app architectures. Performance optimization of apps and databases. I had experience of work in distributed teams of European customers.


Tools: C#, VB.NET, ASP.NET, WPF, WinForms, MS SQL, JavaScript, AJAX, JQuery, NUnit, NAnt, MSBuild.

ARL Consulting B.V.

Software Engineer
July 2007 – December 2007 (6 months) • Novosibirsk, Russia

Web-application development, task analysis, estimations, implementation, testing.

Worked on a prototype and the first releases of “e-Yield” project – online booking service for cargo business. This project was a part of “arl-shipping.com” platform (https://www.arl-shipping.com) and was discontinued after 2017. I worked on feature analysis and task estimations together with business analysts and project manager. I quickly dealt with C# and .NET framework and successfully used them in development. Collaborated with QA specialists and occasionally took part in manual testing session to help them.

In December 2007 the company was divided and I was transferred to Novoprof B.V.

Tools: C#, ASP.NET, MS SQL, JavaScript, HTML, CSS, web services.


Software Engineer
July 2005 – September 2005 (3 months) • Novosibirsk, Russia

Development of extensions for Mozilla Firefox browser. In a short time I studied tools and successfully participated in several projects.

Tools: JavaScript, XUL platform, HTML, CSS, PHP, MySQL.


Novosibirsk State Technical University

Master of Science in Information Technology and Computer Engineering
2001 – 2007 • Novosibirsk, Russia